We were almost there. So close to stopping the influx of the one thing that America has been fighting for over 200 years– immigrants.

There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, and some 7 to 8 million working illegally in the US. For about six years we have been working on the perfect solution; we were building a wall.

Some have critiqued this idea, claiming such a wall would be too easy to pass. Clearly, these people have underestimated the quality or our wall.

Still others question how much this wall would cost to maintain. Filmmaker Roy Germano claims maintaining the fence would cost $6.5 billion to repair and maintain over the next 20 years. Such a price tag is no match for our national resolve.

And the fence we had in mind wasn’t just your ordinary white picket fence, ours included censors to detect illegal fence jumpers. So what that it costs taxpayers an estimated $4 million per mile. It’s been far too long since this country has invested in Star Wars style defenses.

Unfortunately, after spending $1 billion on our high-tech fence the Department of Homeland Security has scrapped the project.

And we were so close. We’d already covered over 50 miles of the Arizona border with only approximately 320 miles to go. Then all we would need is to cover the rest of the roughly 6,000 mile Southern border.  

One of the oddest parts of this decision is the timing. The announcement came right around the time the Chinese President made a visit to Washington.

With all the products we buy from China it would seem like going to them for the wall would be a no brainer. After all, don’t they have some experience in that department. And with this project the complimentary sulfur or lead wouldn’t seem so bad.