How much crime occurs on campus? Criminal exploits at UNK rarely grace the pages of the school newspaper, or the Kearney Hub. Kearney has a rather safe reputation when it comes to crime, but some activity is reported.

Each year the university publishes an annual security report that details various crime statistics. The numbers show a fair number of assaults (around 10 on campus in 2009), and larceny (more than 50 in 2009). The numbers seem believable, but how much crime goes unreported on campus?

It seems likely that some small crimes like petty theft or simple assault would, through apathy or confusion, go unreported. After all, many students would not even know how to report a crime if they wanted to. Common sense says to go to the Police and Parking Services building, but many newer students have trouble finding it even just to pay a parking ticket.

It would be interesting to find out what percentage of students know how to report criminal activity on campus, and how they gained that knowledge. If knowledge of the process is low, some corrections should be made.