At one time or another everyone longs for a second chance. Now imagine having the power to grant these dreams of taking a mulligan. In Kearney, everyone has the power to grant a re-do—at least for aluminum, paper and glass products. The cost is only a few minutes and the rewards are diverse.

More than 290 tons of waste is processed in the Kearney Recycling Building each month. But only a modest percentage of Kearney residents recycle. The city of Kearney website lists the number of participants as over 3,500 out of the total population which exceeds 30,000. Kearney could see a number of benefits if more residents participate in the city’s free and self sustaining recycling program.

Recycling saves valuable natural resources. Locally, recycling can help extend the life of our landfill, and reduce landfill costs. Recyclable sales are a source of revenue for the sanitation department, and allow for the improvement of the program. Best of all recycling is free and easy.

A simple phone call or short drive in town is all that is required to start recycling. The sanitation department will provide free collection bins and curbside pickup. Otherwise, there are five drop off boxes around town. These options make recycling as painless as sorting and taking out the trash.

Such a convenient and positive program should see more widespread participation. With little effort Kearney residents can expand the recycling program and see expanded benefits as well.