As a student of political science I have always been intrigued by the prospect of a third party emerging in U.S. politics. Candidates often rise from the fringes such as the Libertarian Party, Green Party and more recently the Tea Party. Given America’s winner-take-all electoral system third parties need majorities to earn a spot at the table, and few spots have been created recently. But moves by both parties to political extremes have alienated a large number of Americans whose views are often expressed by a number of centrist columnists and commentators.

A list compiled by The Daily Beast names 26 of the leading voices that moderate the growing American center. Columnists like Kathleen Parker and David Brooks sit next to satirists like Jon Stewart on the list. These commentators often denounce oversteps by both political parties and many have openly detached themselves from longstanding partisan affiliation. Below are some examples of columns and posts that declare centrist views.

David Brooks, Op-Ed writer for the New York Times, categorizes Obama’s politics. “Getting Obama Right”

Andrew Sullivan, a writer for The Atlantic, announces his break from a long association with the Republican Party in “Leaving the Right.”

Charles Johnson, a blogger on, states his reasons for breaking from the rightward drifting Republican Party in “Why I Parted Way With The Right.”

These examples are just a small taste of the conversation that is currently flourishing between the members of America’s center. Click here for the full list from The Daily Beast.