The recent dominoes toppling in the Middle East have brought attention to many of the region’s strong men. Some, as Jon Stewart pointed out, are a bit more eccentric than others.

Current headline grabber Muammar al-Qaddafi barely cracked the top ten worst dictators Parades 2009 list. Parade released a list of the world’s worst dictators in 2009. Familiar faces include al-Qaddafi of Libya at number 10. Newly ousted Hosni Mubarak of Egypt took the last spot on the list’s dishonorable mention list at spot number 20.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe takes the top spot for inflation which brought the price of a loaf of bread to 25 billion and his country’s crisis health conditions that led thousands of deaths from cholera. Prominent U.S. trading partners King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia made the list at number five and China’s Hu Jintao grabbed the number six spot. Some of the biggest thorns in Hillary Clinton’s side made the list as well with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il earning the third spot, Iran’s Sayyid Ali Khamenei at the seven spot and Cuba’s Raul Castro earning the thirteenth spot.

For a the full list of the world’s worst dictators visit Parade’s website. Perhaps you will see a few of tomorrows political exiles on this list today.