Although we would all surely like consistency in our compass, it doesn’t do much good when the arrow consistently points nowhere. So, for my inactivity over the previous year or so, I apologize. But today, I hope, will be the start of something new and fairly regular on this blog.

Before graduating from the University of Nebraska at Kearney I had the idea to put on paper as many of the journalism lessons I’d learned as possible.  This idea was spurred in part by my internship at the local newspaper and the assignment that went with earning college credit for that experience. It was also something I desired to do as a capstone project for the honors program, but alas I opted for an easier route instead. Now, I would like to revisit that idea.

My goal in reopening this idea and my blog is somewhat selfish. I have enjoyed my experiences so far and reliving them only reinvigorates my work today. It also helps me to remember things that I have forgotten or allowed to settle out of sight in my mind. But ultimately, my goal is to share what incite I have gained with, well, anyone who’s interested. Hopefully it is helpful, or at least entertaining.

In sharing my experiences I do not aim to impress anyone, or somehow toot my own horn. Although a few of the stories I will share are of my successes, most come from my failures. As many people wiser than me have noted, we often learn more from failure than success. This has certainly been the case for me, but ideally you can learn from my mistakes without making them your own.